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We have worked on dozens of projects so we have picked only the important, insightful & unique ones for you.



IT Compliance & Legal

One of our Client reached out to us because someone is trying to copy all business material like IT Asets, Images/Logos and selling Bogus Products on behalf of our client. So They receievd legal notice from Local Govt. So By our Client's permission, VP Techno Labs™ team, Team of Client's Lawyers and Local Police working together and shut down culprit's servers. We performed data harvesting, data retrieving into that website in order to get data for legal purpose.

Success ratio was 88%

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Web App Penetration Testing

One of the Singapore's Finance Firm invited VP Techno Labs™ team to do Pentesting for their critical Finance Business App and The team of VP Techno Labs™ proved to have Strong deadline management and Technical Excellence which are required for their Business!

We're able to work with them to find and fix security vulnerabilities.

Success ratio was 99%

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Complicated Bot Detection Tools & Techniques

One of US client contacted us to discuss complicated bot detection & prevention techniques because bots affected their business resources very terribly!

Success ratio was 99%

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COVID-19 Apps & Websites Pentesting

Client contacted us to do pentesting of COVID-19 Apps & Websites. There were multiple Apps and websites that needs to be tested against vulnerabilitites.

Success ratio was 89%

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SQL Injection Vulnerability Checking

One of our client reached out to us because they wanted to test their business application against specific and detailed asssessment of SQL Injection Vulnerability Only. If found then we need to fix this!

Success ratio was 99%

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Functional & Security Testing

One of our B2B client rquested to perform functional and security testing of their business applications. The scope was 2 websites and 1 android application. This is largest project we have ever done.

Success ratio was 85%

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Network Security Enforcement

One of our client has suspected to infected and being monitored by keylogger or spyware program and faced unauthorized twitter account activity. So We helped to overcome this problem by doing Security Audit of Devices.

Although The Problem Reason was not identified!

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Malware Removal

We received new client's request and client was running 16 Wordpress websites for Professional Blogging Purpose. Their Websites was heavily affected by Japanese Keyword Hack Malware and culprit puts irrelevant content to their websites and their serach consoles. So SEO and Online Repution was terribly damaged! We immeadiately shut down websites and remove all the content. Our Forensic Team was identified that The reason to hack is: High use of Backlinks!

So we removed all the backlinks, remove search engine presence and restored all website. We implemented several highly effective protection to their websites to prevent this type of hack!

Client then Migrated Hosting to other provider and now they're protected!

Success ratio was 79%

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Wordpress Malware Removal & Data Scrapping Solution

Client reached out to us and told us their 6 high traffic wordpress websites affected by wordpress malware removal, moreover thier websites' content is constantly being copied by malicious campaign run by unknown intruder. We cleaned all malwares, filled a DMCA complaint and restore all data with online reputation.

Success ratio was 99%

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Lost Data Recovery

We performed data recovery activity. This task processed at 4 different stages including;

1.) Manual Analysis with cause of damage

2.) Building and retrieving proper filesystem

3.) Retrieving RAW files according to the filesystem

4.) Generating lost/damaged files.

We recovered total 10TB+ vital data from different clients within limited time.

Success Ratio was 80%

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Penetration Testing Suite Web App

We've developed one of our finest solution for our all customers. We called this product as VP Secure Suite.This Software Product is available to all our customers. And have following Features:

Customer can request specific service according to their requirements.

After Purchasing this, Customer can access personalized dashboard, when they can use various tools and Services.

Customer can request to do Web App/Mobile/API Pentesting. All the customer have to do is: Fill up single form and submit!

This Software Product is Integrated with our Services Plans.

You can learn more or buy a suitable plan for yourself Here.

Success ratio was 70%

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Web & API Pentesting

One of the Online Accounting Software Provider invited VP Techno Labs™ team to do Grey box Pentest for their Web App and API as well and VP Techno Labs™ did it in 2 months with Restesting and Fixes! client was very happy with our work and agreed to work on more projects in future as well.

Success ratio was 95%

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iOS Mobile App Pentesting

One of the USA's Largest Technology Service Provider invited Team VP Techno Labs™ to do Mobile App Pentesting for one of their uses. They required to do security audit by using SAST(Static Mobile Application Testing) + DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing). And our Team has proved to have strong Technical Abilities by completing this project. This is most Advanced Project we've ever done!

Success Ratio was 75%

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AI + ML Powered Email SPAM Filter

We've developed advanced AI/ML based Email SPAM Filter for one of our client. The SPAM filter is able to recognize problemmatic emails with the help of patern and data files logic.

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