How to read Terms of use & privacy policy?

1.) For Privacy Policy, kindly visit:

2.) For Terms of Service & Terms of Use, Kindly visit:


How to set cookies & security preferences to protect my privacy?

For each time you visit website cookie banner is appeared and you can select what to accept and what to reject!

To change cookie preferences after you saved cookies, then simply clear cache and cookies for our website and refresh the current page, the cookie banner will reappear!


What should i do when i need quote for my upcoming project?

Main Method:

There is main method to receive quote for your upcoming project.

1. Go to main website.
2. select contact section, and write to us.
3. Our team will review your quote request for a particular service and prepares customized quote according to your requirement.
4. You will receive quote within 24 hours.

Alternate Method:

Write an email to our project manager directly at:

[email protected]


What should i do when need any help?

If you need any kind of help like, to request new project, to get astrology consultation, to get status of your project, revisions, order cancellations, etc.

There are multiple methods to get help of any kind like above ones:

1. You can direct email admin, go to main website and find email address and then write your query to admin. Your query will be solved within 48 hours.

2. You can use website contact form, like https://vptechnolabs.com/#contact. As soon as we received your query, we will solve within 48 hours.

3. You can also open support ticket, to open support ticket, go to home page and submit your ticket.

4. Email us customer support executive : [email protected] and tell your details to them.


Which type of product/service you provides?

For Detailed information regarding this topic, kindly visit following link:

Products: https://vptechnolabs.com/products/

Services: https://vptechnolabs.com/#services

If any further help needed, go to help center home page and open ticket here, our team will reach out to you soon!


How to do a payment

There are multiple methods to do a payment. Moreover not limited to these, contact to office phone before making any payment

1.Through direct office visiting in person.

Office Address: https://g.page/VP-TechnoLabs

2. You can direct contact them via Whats App or via Phone call.

To get whats app number, mail us and you will get within 1 hour. and get the payment methods details