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Advanced Application Penetration Testing
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Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

Detailed Assessment of in-scope application will be carried out after we received requirements. Our Approach and Methodologies will be different from traditional security vendors.

We build custom checklists, Use combination of commercial, open-source and our own developed tools and testing plan after understanding your business model. Assessment will be carried out in 5 Phases..

  • Information Gathering
  • Automatic & Manual Scanning (SAST + DAST + IAST)
  • Vulnerability Assessment (DETECT REMOVE ENFORCE Approach)
  • Exploitation & Post-Exploitation (If Required)
  • Reporting

  • We also do Vulnerability Assessment Specifically. Penetration Testing is advanced than VAPT and covers more scope.

    During Testing Customer Don't need to setup isolated or staging environment bacause our methodologies doesn't affect single data. Thanks to our unique approach Triple Shield DeReEN™

    More Details

    Platform Covered

    Web, Mobile(Android/iOS), API, Cloud, Infrastructure, Custom Apps, ATM

    Frameworks Covered

    NIST, OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, OSSTMM, Custom PT Made Checklist

    Compliance Covered

    ISO 27001, GDPR


    Black-box, Grey-box Approach


    Secured Application, Detailed Assessment Report, Certification of Testing, Vulnerability Patching Assistance

    Get your business Applications Secured Now!

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