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About us

Why and How we start?

Company Founded By Vivek Pancholi & Co-Founded by Ashvin Pancholi

The VP Techno Labs International is multi award winning and internationally recognised cyber-security company Having more than 300 clients across the globe and having more than 50 Fortune Top 500 clients. Specialised in Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, IT Compliance and Auditing, Breach Incident Response, Data and Disaster Recovery. Our cybersecurity protection provide guarantee against threats. Our commitment is to provide quality services with Zero False Positive SLAs and protection accuracy is up to 95 percent. The Company Founded by Mr. Vivek Pancholi, who is passionate ethical hacker by profession and all the hackers hand picked by him. So no quality compromise.

We offers our solutions in three way. First is subscription model, in this method customer can subscribe to our plans as per their needs to provide constant protection to their business. The plans are Standard one time, business and enterprise. Customer can modify and remove features if they don't need and add if they need. Second is SaaS based Model, which includes all the features, this is for those who want to see what's going on their business. One click access to all progress in assessments, reports, request features, open ticket, Firewall and threat monitoring, etc. Third one is Enterprise model. This is for enterprise consumers, so they can hire dedicate experts from our team to do security audit in their infrastructure in premise.

Customers can get innovative and permanent solution for all their cyber security challenges. Our award winning support team can guide customer at any point and any situation. we make this process easier to understand for all the customers, whereas most providers make this process even more complicated. Our in house, outsourced and freelancers team of Ethical Hackers, Project managers and Customer Acquisition specialist will constantly takes care of customer and their business.

Our offering disrupt the cyber security industry by providing security assessment and penetration testing with zero false positive SLAs. This is money back guarantee. Thanks to our unique approach Triple Shield DeReEN. With the help of these methodologies, we can test consumer's digital assets even if in production mode without affecting any data or any customers. We're providing 24/7/365 support to our consumers and emergency breach incident response mitigation. We will provide all these in cost effective way. and 40% Less costlier and 70% more effective than other companies.


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