How We Secure Your business

Requirement Submit

Step 1

You submit us requirements through website or direct contact! Each customer get unique id and customer id, these will help us to identify consumers, visitors, guests or other users.


    Unique ID


    Customer ID

Next Quick Meeting

Step 2

Our team quickly check and revert back to you and fix quick meeting either online or onsite! Based upon technical skills and your requirements, our project manager prepares team who will work on this project.

Due to this shortlisting phase, hiccups and other problems are elminated in this phase!

  • 20%

    Cost Reduction

  • 90%

    Success Ratio

Hackers Examining Your Infrastructure

Step 3

In next phase, our dedicated ethical hacker examines your infrastructure with manual approach! And starts work! Our team contact you and delivers required work and explains you!

  • 1. Document containing Finding details

    2. Secured Assets

    3. Unlimited Support

    4. Zero False Positive SLAs

Work Delivered

Step 4

In case you face any issue, reach out to us via quick call and tell us customer id and unique id we will solve!

  • 24/7/365


  • 90%

    Satisfaction Ratio

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